MartinoRossi SpA

Gluten Free and Allergen Free Products

Ever since Martino Rossi established the company, the business based its standard on the respect of the agricultural development of territories, investing in quality and safety of raw materials. All these characteristics are reflected on our Gluten Free Flours and transferred on our customers, enhancing their’ well-being.

MartinoRossi guarantees quality and excellence on its Gluten Free Flours, from sowing to product distribution. We always adopt a stringent quality policy in our supply chains and in our production.


All starts in our hands is our motto: all starts in the field with farmers who have signed supply chain contracts for cultivating cereals and pulses. We control from sowing to production of ingredients. We are the manufacturer of choice within the food industry for gluten-free and allegen-free ingredients, a result only achieved with this full control of the supply chain.

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