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After lentils, chickpeas, and corn, the time for sowing beans has come. The rain that we were expecting arrived right on time over the past few days, creating the ideal conditions for the seeds’ germination.

It begins this week in Lombardy, in the Lodigiano countryside, before continuing in Emilia Romagna, in the province of Ferrara, and finally in Piedmont, in the area around Cuneo. Dozens of farms are involved, each one an integral part of the MartinoRossi controlled supply chain, managed and supervised daily by our team of agronomists.

We will plant borlotti and cannellini beans, selected for their nutritional value and adaptability to the Po Valley’s climate, characterized by extreme fluctuations in temperature. The harvest will begin in mid-August and will take more than a month. Our goal, as always, is quality, in order to guarantee our clients safe and delicious products as well as full traceability of the raw materials.