WORLD FOOD DAY 2021 – The future of food is in our hands

By 15th October 2021 No Comments

Tomorrow, October the 16th, we observe World Food Day, established in 1945 to commemorate the creation of the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization), a United Nations agency that focuses on food and agriculture.

This year’s theme is the sustainability of agricultural food systems: in a world in which more than 3 billion people can’t afford a healthy and adequate diet, it is vitally important to be able to create sustainable systems that are capable of ensuring food safety and nutrition for everyone, without depleting our natural resources.

By 2050 the world will need to feed 10 billion people. To do so we need to act now: eliminating waste, promoting equality, and working on an efficient and sustainable development model.

Consumers can do their part as well: avoiding foods derived from intensive agricultural practices and factory farming, while supporting a more sustainable kind of agriculture and industry, a more careful one and less tied to profits.

We at MartinoRossi have always worked hard to offer products obtained through natural methods within our controlled supply chains, favoring raw materials like pulses (nutritious, rich in fiber, and free of allergens and GMOs), from which we produce flours and other preparations for the food industry.

Each of us must do their part: more sustainable production on one hand and more conscious purchasing on the other, will translate in protecting the Earth’s precious resources and ensuring a better life for everyone.