WORLD SOIL DAY 2021: Let’s regenerate the soil with sustainable agriculture

By 7th December 2021 No Comments

Sunday, December 5, was the World Soil Day, an event established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2013, the objective of which is to raise public awareness regarding the important role that soil plays in our daily lives.

Soil is life, an essential element in the production of food and raw materials. Taking care of the world means safeguarding an irreplaceable resource that has long been threatened by pollution and by intensive agricultural and livestock farming practices.

At MartinoRossi we have always been conscious of this issue, adopting sustainable agricultural models and experimenting with innovative methods like precision sub-irrigation, a solution that makes it possible to distribute water in a field through a system of underground pipes, taking advantage of the principle of capillary action.

With UNDERDRIP precision sub-irrigation technology, it is possible to improve crop quality while considerably reducing our environmental impact. Thanks to a special network of sensors that constantly monitor the degree of moisture in the soil, the system is able to regulate the irrigation process with extreme accuracy according to the plant’s actual needs.

UNDERDRIP makes it possible to significantly cut down on water consumption and the use of plant protection products, thus reducing pollution of aquifers and the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Our soil is a treasure to be protected: with the proper awareness and by investing in the development of new solutions, we can do a lot to preserve this invaluable patrimony and guarantee a future for our planet and everyone on it.