Artisan Flours are composed by 3 pulses flour references and a Gluten Free Mix.

All these references are Gluten Free, Allergen Free and GMO Free.

Artisan Flours are composed by: pulses flours, chickpeas, red lentils and green peas.


The characteristics of this pulses flours are that are precooked to easier the work of the operators of Food Service.


With this natural heat-treatment, which is done combining pressure and heat, we can preserve color and the precious nutritional values that pulses have, guaranteeing a flour high in proteins and high in fibre.

In addition, thanks to the precooking, you:

  • save cooking time, for example you can make a cream in 5 minutes (mettere immaginata stilizzata orologio) 
  • have more elasticity mettere pasta sfogliata stilizzata
  • have more water absorption mettere impasto stilizzato


Then it comes our Gluten Free Mix for Bread, Pizza and Bakery. Our Gluten Free Mix is different from others. It is composed mostly by flours and not by starches. It is very versatile mix suitable for bread, cakes, pizzas and many other bakery products.


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