MartinoRossi provides new clean label functional ingredients to guarantee a clean label product: no E numbers and no starches are used, due to physical modifications of flours. These functional ingredients are always Gluten Free, Allergen Free and GMO Free.

By doing this we want to provide a wide choice of solutions to our costumers that want to create clean label products.


Physically modified corn flour, with a neutral taste and color, easy to be blended with other ingredients. It is a clean label solution to replace starches in products, indeed you will have only “corn flour” on the label. 

This clean label corn flour is a natural thickening agent, both in hot and cold systems, it is a water binder, so useful in all the applications where water needs to be controlled/stabilized.

Therefore, using M-Nat you can have a texture improvement in your products and it is also useful to avoid the water syneresis.

In addition, it is completely treaced from field to the production, making it the first functional ingredient with a fully controlled and short supply chain.

The uses of this products are many:


The final clean label soup after few minutes of cooking is very creamy with a very good mouthfeeling and no water release.

It is a solution for our costumers who want to produce clean label soups that can cook in few minutes. It is composed by pulses flours of customer choice (chickpea, lentil, beans, peas or a mix) with a vegetable fiber. It is also possible to customize this flour with vegetable powders (carrots, beets, etc.)

The strength of this product is that is a clean label Gluten Free, Allergen Free and GMO Free solution for a fast way and healthy cooking. Indeed, pulses are high in fibre and proteins, guaranteeing a balanced diet suitable for everyone.


HiNatural is an innovative Clean Label mix for the Gluten Free, Allergen Free and GMO Free  pasta to replace E471 (mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids from palm or rapeseed).

It is made by flours with the addition of a vegetable fiber. It allows our customers to maintain their mix, therefore there’s no need to change pasta manufacturing process.


It is a yellow corn flour obtained from a particular variety of corn with higher amylose content.

It could be used to lower the glycemic index of Gluten Free products, since amylose acts as a resistance starch. It can be used in many products, from bakery to pasta.